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Digital, computational, public humanities training

HTTPOETICS winter 2024 course (Todd Anderson, Kayla Drzewicki, and Tyler Yin) at the School for Poetic Computation in HTML/CSS/Javascript, Web Browsers and Network Infrastrucure, Net Art and Useless Websites, Text Generators, Websockets, P5.js, Hypertext, Creative Writing for the Internet, and Alternate Reality Games

Wayward Sentences (writing constraints and algorithmic scores) workshop (Kameelah Janan Rasheed) with If, Then: Technology and Poetics

Quire: A Day of Digital Publishing Roundtable, Demonstration, & Hands-on Workshop (Erin Cecele Dunigan) hosted by Getty and the University of Pennsylvania

Digital Cultural Heritage strand (Lia Costiner, Carlotta Capurro, Richard Smith, and Matthew Nicholls) at the University of Oxford Digital Humanities @ Oxford Summer School

Creative Coding strand (Mark Sample) at the Price Lab for Digital Humanities Dream Lab summer school

Digital Humanities & Premodern Studies Seminar (Christopher Fletcher) at the Newberry Library Center for Renaissance Studies

Project Assistant training (Lynn Ransom) for Linked Open Data work with the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts and this digital archive’s community-created metadata aggregating thousands of pre-modern manuscripts 

Internship with the University of Melbourne Digital Studio (Jane Eckett and Ian McLean) experimenting with metadata language through Omeka, Dublin Core, VRA Core, Microsoft Excel, and Filemaker Pro

Digital Editing and the Medieval and Early Modern Manuscript Postgraduate Advanced Training Seminar (Katherine Hindley and Anya Adair) at the University of Sydney collaboratively creating a digital edition of a commonplace book by combining paleography and codicology with HTML transcribing (TEI) in oXygen